Canon announces 5D Mk II DSLR 1080HD Video Capable

Canon annouced the new 5D Mk II digital still camera that can also record 1080HD video and use an external microphone. Canon trumped Nikon’s annoucement of the D90 that can record 720P HD but only has an internal microphone for audio. The Canon 5D Mk II also creates a 21 megapixel still image. Price on the 5D Mk II will be approx. $2700. Digital Photography Review of Canon 5D Mk II.

With the newer Progressive frame HD video cameras being able to create high quality stills and now DSLR’s being able to create HD video, it would appear a hybrid camera that can do both equally well should emerge in the near future. With the push for multimedia at media outlets and the demand from amateurs to create stills, audio and HD video combined with the convergence of broadcast, print and radio on the web we are quickly moving to a one camera does it all device.

Vincent Laforet, a New York based editorial and commercial photographer recorded a feature film style short with the new Canon 5D Mk II and the image quality of the HD can be seen even in this web video. Laforet used a full range of Canon EOS lenses and used studio style location lighting to make his compelling night sequences. His video Reverie can be seen by clicking on the image below.



~ by rhartmedia on November 12, 2008.

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