Newspapers Future?


Can the Washington Post survive?

Newspapers are dying. At the Washington Post Co., CEO Donald Graham is banking on the Internet to save serious journalism. If he can’t figure this out, nobody can. Fortune’s Marc Gunther reports.

This story in Fortune about the financial problems of the Washington Post started me thinking about if it’s possible for newspapers to reinvent themselves on the internet and still be profitable.  As good a website as with their innovation in online content and with people like Tom Kennedy and Rob Curley in management and yet they still are only generating one fifth the revenue of the print edition.  Is this trouble indicative of the web business model not being able to replace the print revenue model?  I question the future of newspapers that started as print business models being able to make the transition to an online entity and be profitable.  The successful online news organization may have to be the one that starts from the ground up as an online new media platform with a business model that supports the platform. Please let me know your thoughts on the status of online newspapers and reaction to this Fortune article.


~ by rhartmedia on August 2, 2007.

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