Canon announces 5D Mk II DSLR 1080HD Video Capable

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Canon annouced the new 5D Mk II digital still camera that can also record 1080HD video and use an external microphone. Canon trumped Nikon’s annoucement of the D90 that can record 720P HD but only has an internal microphone for audio. The Canon 5D Mk II also creates a 21 megapixel still image. Price on the 5D Mk II will be approx. $2700. Digital Photography Review of Canon 5D Mk II.

With the newer Progressive frame HD video cameras being able to create high quality stills and now DSLR’s being able to create HD video, it would appear a hybrid camera that can do both equally well should emerge in the near future. With the push for multimedia at media outlets and the demand from amateurs to create stills, audio and HD video combined with the convergence of broadcast, print and radio on the web we are quickly moving to a one camera does it all device.

Vincent Laforet, a New York based editorial and commercial photographer recorded a feature film style short with the new Canon 5D Mk II and the image quality of the HD can be seen even in this web video. Laforet used a full range of Canon EOS lenses and used studio style location lighting to make his compelling night sequences. His video Reverie can be seen by clicking on the image below.



Backpack Journalism::multimedia jack of all trades

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from USC Online Journalism Review

Backpack Journalism Is Here to Stay

Written in 2002 this article from Jane Stevens (a professor of multimedia journalism) and an early adopter of one person or small team video storytelling and online multimedia journalism, is a cogent analysis of how this practice is permeating news culture.

Citizen Journalism::Web 2.0 Voices

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from Andy Carvin of NPR

This PowerPoint presentation is a good overview of many of the better citizen journalism sources, developments, trends etc and how the blogoshpere is interacting with professional media outlets.



Minneapolis Bridge Collapse & Citizen Journalism

This is a comprehensive analysis of the blog and citizen coverage online of the Bridge Collapse story in Minneapolis, MN.



Surface Computing::hands-on interface

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surfacecomputer.jpg from Long Zheng

Microsoft Research demonstrates laptop-compatible multi-touch displays. Can touch this.

Possible uses of surface computing technology in small devices like laptops.

from Popular

The video of Microsoft’s prototype surface computing tabletop computer with mulittouch interface could revolutionize the way we are interfacing with computers and encourage a more analog and intuitive means of manipulating all types of multimedia files including text. These computers should start showing up in public places by late 2007.


Apple Exploring MultiTouch Interface Gestures

Transforming Journalism Curriculum

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slideshare presentation by Mindy McAdams Univ. of Florida

 Interactive slideshow with linked examples of some of the best work online and a set of topics that journalism educators need to address to prepare themselves and their students for the convergent new media journalism industry. A comprehensive look at what’s going on in convergent journalism and new developments in new media technology.

HD Video & Photojournalism::David Leeson

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The Pitchman: Frame Grabs
David Leeson says it’s time to move forward. This is our chance to rise up and le
ad the world.

Photo by David Leeson / Dallas Morning NewsDavid Leeson makes a convincing argument for using HD video cameras to capture stills as well as HD footage to be used in print and online.  I agree with his position that the Sony V1U is just a camera (thus image tool) and it is the subject and the moment(s) that are what is important. Todays photojournalists need to embrace what video has to offer. Our storytelling capabilities online are so much more powerful with the addition of sound and motion to our stills to engage the user.

Photojournalism now:: freelance opportunities

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from DigitalPhotoPro

Photojournalism Now

For freelance photojournalists, these are chaotic times. But in chaos there’s opportunity if you have the daring to go for it.

Photojournalism NowNew Media offers freelance photojournalism opportunities for photographers with the multimedia skills and initiative to produce work in the new delivery channels online.